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[Request ] Ulquiorra X Orihime Doujin


does anyone know if this Douji is scanlated somewhere in the Web? ö.ö

EDIT:  FOUND!! Thank you ana_leez :333

Title: Entakujyo no sakurifaisu
Circle: 4 syndrome


(Image is from ebay)

Please tell me, if something about this posting is wrong and I'll delete it.
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You can read it here! Start reading from the last image.
Thank you so much! ;_;
awman i really wish i didn't have to struggle with my limited kanji vocabulary reading this. it's beautiful from what i udnerstand though!thank you!


You understand it. Oh please fill me in on what's going on.

I want to know the summary?

I have read this but I can't really figure out the plot. Can someone tell me what is going on in this doujinshi. Does it have something to do with Aizen and a potion.

Re: I want to know the summary?

Well... I think no.
I can't understand japanese but I think that Aizen wanted that Ulquiorra rapes Orihime (because her eyes are bind etc.). Why, I don't know. My friend an I have two theories:
1. He wanted watch them both (Ohhh~ yes, he's really pervet^^)
2. He wanted that Ulquiorra do this to have a better relation to Orihime or so :P

Ulquiorra fillfilled his accumulation but there he REALLY felt in love with Orihime. And the come together. Or so. I don't know but first Ulquiorra thoughts that this is only a simple accumulation but than he note that he loves Orihime... And she loves him.

I don't know but a group will translate it. If it is ready I'm sure that you can find the download-link.

Re: I want to know the summary?

Mmm. I wonder if Orihime thought it was someone else. She looked like she was surprised that it was Ulquiorra when he took off the blindfold.


Re: I want to know the summary?

I think that she doesn't know that Ulquiorra was the person who rapes her.
But... there is a conflict: She said "Ulquiorra" two times BEFORE he tooks off her blindfold: Page 27 and 30 ô.o
A friend has made a theory: Maybe she cries on page 27 that he should help her. And page 30 because he feels his mask and so knows that he is it. But it's only a theorie...

Re: I want to know the summary?

Ahh thank you so much because I was wondering about when she calls his name too. I really would love this doujinshi more if I understood so now I feel better. I hope someone translates this doujinshi soon.
Mic Mic


Re: I want to know the summary?


This group will translate it. Maybe you can ask the translater for the translatet sites... And please, if you do it: Can you tell me what happend there?

Re: I want to know the summary?

You're very close. I did some rough translations of this doujinshi.

When she's talking to Ulqui in the beginning, she's calling him "Aizen" and saying things like, "Who's there? Is that Aizen?" But from the way he touches her, she figures out that it can't be Aizen and starts getting more and more distressed. Ulquiorra ponders the meaning of "hole," referring to his chest cavity... or to Orihime. It seems to be a play on words. But he wants to destroy it.

At the penultimate moment, Orihime shouts, "Help me, Ulquiorra!" Hearing this, he stops, takes off her blindfold, and on the big reveal page, asks, "Why would you beg for me to save you, Orihime Inoue?"

Notice the use of her full name :D No "onna" here!

That's all I've got.



First I don't belived my eyes but it's true: SOTR has an second part!!!
You can download it here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2U6GJD5F
It's the same story - but in Orihime's view. I think now that she was raped by Aizen first and THEN by Ulquiorra. That would explain Aizen's order, or? But one thing is sure: Orihime was thouht several times that Ulquiorra was Aizen.

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