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Yukigeboshi (Kusaka/Hitsugaya)


Circle/Artist: EVE-SYA/Rin Tanaka
Pairings: Kusaka/Hitsugaya
Rating: PG-13
Pages: 24
Language: Japanese
Description: Spoilers Diamond Dust Rebellion. Little bit of shounen ai (BL, slash, yaoi, etc). Doujinshi based in the movie. Eve-Sya has a beautiful drawing style, by the way. If anyone want the raw, just say so. I'll scan it. And I'll be very glad if you want to translate it.
Scans: Here I'm not a professional. Hope it works...


Oooh. EVE-SYA. I'm a major fan and collector of her works, so if you scan, I'll be up to translating.
Really? I'll post the scans soon. Heh, it's goo to see another Eve-Sya fan. Thanks for the comment and all!
So far, I have four of her books (her first reprint collection, Manto no Yousei Hokaku Keikaku Daizessan Jisshichuu., Aisiro Secret 2.1, and Aisiro Secret 2.5). Do you collect a lot of doujinshi?
Well, not a lot. I'm a beginner! I collect Bleach doujinshi (Usually GinxHitsugaya, with exceptions. The art have so much importance) And I live in Spain, and it's difficult to buy it. Wow, I only have Aisiro 2.2 and Yukigeboshi.

(Ejem, sorry for my bad English. I think I'm killing a language...)
Everyone starts somewhere, right? I just started not too long ago myself, but I already bought around 50. It's a really addicting hobby. XD I also collect a lot of GinxHitsu, but I agree--art is one of the most important deciding factors. What other circles do you have? I think the circle I own the most of is POINT OUT. XD

(It's okay! Don't worry about it too much--I think your English is okay. ^^)
Yeah, es very addicting xD. I have Fanbook NO-5 by Point Out (Sorry, I don't remember the complete name...But Point Out is good.), Secret Lover by Hapigo (I just love Hapigo. Yuki Sakumo's art is so pretty!) and a few more.

Actually, I want to buy Isolated Butterfly by Bgata Soubi. RenjixHitsu. So rare, but the artwork is still beautiful. And Pride, by Kadann. ByakuxHitsu. Ultra-rare too xD. Hell, yes, I'm just a beginner...1LDK looks good. A little pornish for me, but well xD. What circles do you have? I'm really interested in good doujinshis. I think you could help me, please.

Sorry for such a big reply xD!
Oh! You like Hapigo? In that case, you'd like Manto no Yousei Hokaku Keikaku Daizessan Jisshichuu. It's a work by both Hapigo and EVE-SYA. XD The pairing is Kusaka/Hitsugaya.

I have... quite a few doujinshi, so this list might be a little long. XD
- "022! Buka ni Joushi ni Komattara" (1LDK and LOVE SCYTHE) - GinxHitsu
- "Love Change." (1LDK, LOVE SCYTHE, POINT OUT) - GinxHitsu
- "Soul✮Rhapsody" (ALC-22) - All Character gag
- "Yumeutsutsu, Hate no Omoi 3"; "Kimi no Ibasho"; "Kimi no Ibasho-Second-" (Bloom.) - HitsuxIshida
- "Gaudi" (Chiho & Job) - All Character gag
- "Aisiro Secret 2.1"; "Aisiro Secret 2.5"; "Aisiro -Soushuuhen I-" (EVE-SYA) AizenxHitsu and GinxHitsu
- "Manto no Yousei Hokaku Keikaku Daizessan Jisshichuu." (EVE-SYA and Hapigo) KusakaxHitsu
- "Sakura no Hana no Mankai no Shita"; "Otogisoushi 3" (Fuku-zin) HitsuxHinaxRan gen
- "Onihasu" (Fuku-zin) IchigoxRenjixRukia gen
- "Yomeitsu wo, Katte ni Ouen Suru Hon." (Hapigo, POINT OUT, LOVE SCYTHE, ROUTE 127, 1LDK) GinxHitsu gag
- "Hi" (HETA NO YOKOZUKI) HitsuxRan
- "Shinrai" (Kibiki) HitsuxRan
- "Mixture" (HONEY CANON) GinxRanxHitsuxHina, RenjixRukia
- "Petit Jako. Sai" (Jakoten.) All Character gag
- "ATTACK NO.10 + ATTACK NO.10-2 + @"; "LOVE Re: SCYTHE" (LOVE SCYTHE) GinxHitsu
- "Tokimeki no Munesawagi Toko Natsu Kibun YEAH!!!" (atashi-wo-mitsukete) Gen
- "Haru to Shura"; "Sekai no Owari ni Miru Yume ha"; "Kigon"; "Kodoku to Kazewarabe"; "Shisou"; "TIPS"; "Kuchiru Chiru Ochiru-Zenpen-" (POINT OUT) GinxHitsu
- "Amayo no Tsuki"; "Mayoi Neko" (Prin) GinxRan
- "BLEROCK"; "BLENANA" (RIN RIN HOUSE) All Character gag
- "Uso Naki to Shiroppu" (Utsumuki Garden and Servile Circus) HitsuxRan
- "Hi no Suiren" (Servile Circus) HitsuxRan
- "JUNK BOX;1"; "QUESTION?"; "Tomodachi Hitori Dekiru Kana?"; "AS"; "DEAD MAN"; "Oretachi wa Tenshi ja nai"; "Tetsuya no Vampire"; "Tsuki ga Michiru Made"; "BLEACH PACK 5" (WEEKEND) All Character gag, AizenxHitsu, HinaxAizen, etc.
- "Tarekko Zukan" (Kinsei) All Character gag
- "WHITE Best Hits Anthology" (Various Circle) Hitsu-centric anthology
- "Sailor Bleach Yoisho!" (Sailor Bleach) All Character gag
- "The Necktie Becomes..."; "Tamashii no Yukue" (Kame no Ko) HitsuxRan
- "Uchi no Taichou" (Kara... I don't remember. ^^;;) HitsuxRan gen
- "Fuyu no LION, Haiiro no NEKO" (Various Circle) HitsuxRan anthology

I'm currently waiting for "Tsuki" (Tenkuuran) HitsuxHina and "Twin Egoist" (ROUTE127) GinxHitsu in the mail. XD I could give you a few circles' websites so you could see the art for yourself, if you like. I don't know if you have any preferences (like BL only, no r18, if you like gag, etc.), but if you do, feel free to tell me, so I can have more of an idea of what you're looking for. ^^
Wow, thank you for all this information!

A work by both Hapigo and EVE-SYA...Sounds so awesome, really! I'm only searching for BL. Well, I prefer no r18, but all the rules have exceptions, if you know what I mean xD. And I like serious stories. Thank you, again xD.
I can't write very much right now--I'll write more later, I've been so busy!--but EVE-SYA just released a new GinxHitsu called Crysta. Just so you know. XD
I've been busy too, don't worry! Crysta looks yummy...xD

And Yukigeboshi's raw is finally up!

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